Shine Horovits

Creator and digital artist

Shine grew up in Nazareth Illit. His main occupation as a child was art in all its forms. While studying history of art in high school, he was fascinated by Christian history. He often visited the Church of the Annunciation in the center of Nazareth, where he researched, studied, and investigated the techniques, materials, sculptures, paintings, and stained-glass windows. At the age of 23, after completing army service, Shine left his parents' home and went to live in Tel Aviv to fulfil his dream of being an artist.

In 2005 he was admitted to Shenkar to study visual communication, after teaching himself Photoshop and creating a portfolio of fabricated works, but decided not to take up his place after being advised by the head of the department not to waste his time with studies, but to get to work. He took his first steps in an advertising agency specializing in branding product packages, where he was responsible for picture processing. A year later, he set out on his own.

Shine paved his way to the top by designing magazine covers, music albums, big campaigns and productions, public relations pictures for series, and posters for Israeli movies. In 2011 he was asked by a Hollywood movie production company to design a poster for an international movie, Dorfman, and was invited to the world premiere in Hollywood as a guest of honor. Shine works with leading entertainers and media figures in Israel, editors in chief and producers in different media. In recent years he has also lectured and given masterclasses on digital art.

Shine's art is groundbreaking in its innovation, creativity, aesthetic, and the ability to create something out of nothing, while maintaining the quality and careful attention to the smallest details that are his trademark.